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How to Make Money with Google Adsense

There is really no way to know for sure how much money you will make from each click (unless you are in Google and in the AdSense department). It is estimated that Google pays out roughly 68 percent of the money it gets for each ad, for each click (and keeps the rest for itself). The cost of a click is actually determined by advertisers who bid to place ads on websites and search engine results.

Write more relevant content to attract people to your website

Writing posts on popular topics can also help. If you are writing about something that advertisers don’t care much for, then your chances of receiving clicks go down. For instance, let us say that your niche is selling refrigerators to Eskimos. Now Eskimos have no need for a refrigerator, so no advertiser will pay to place ads on such a website and no ads means no clicks.

On the other hand, if you are in a niche like diamond jewelry, you can make some money. Many companies sell diamond jewelry on the internet and they are willing to pay a lot of money to place their ads on relevant websites. These ads also have a good markup, because the advertiser might have to bid a lot of money to get that ad.

Place ads in the right place

Ad placement also influences the number of people who click on your ads. Placing ads where people won’t click on them is not a very bright idea.

If you do that, why place ads on your website in the first place? Bad ad placement leads to low click-through rate and low click-through rate means less money for you.

Try to place ads close to the content so that the chances of your visitors seeing the ad increases. When more people see your ad, it is likely that some of them will click on your ads. Note that there is a limit to how many ads you can host on your website (the number is three). So placing the ads in a strategic location is very important.

More tips to make the most out of Google AdSense

• When you are ready to host Google Ads, go to Google AdSense and apply for an account.

• Google prefers to host ads on websites that concentrate on a niche. Grammatically correct and useful content also increase your chances of qualifying for Google AdSense.

• Google is known to reject websites that host copyrighted images. Get your images from Creative Commons or buy them from a website

• An easy to read, organized, professional looking website with a clean layout has a higher chance of being selected to host ads.

• Despite all your precautions, it is possible that your website may get rejected. If that happens, do not try to apply for a Google AdSense account immediately. Work on your site, make it better and reapply after a few months. Resubmitting again and again can actually reduce your chances of being accepted even more.

• Most websites actually get rejected for Google AdSense because of poor spelling/grammar, bad layout, insufficient content or lack of a theme.

There is one type of ad called a placement ad. Here, you get paid for just placing the ads on your website. But advertisers who pay for placement ads want high quality websites. To check what type of ad you are hosting on your website, please read the Targeting Types report in your AdSense account. Please note that more ads are not always a good thing. The idea is to drive a balance between giving visitors a good user experience and making space for ads.

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